About Dale Stephens

From his first gig at the young age of 14, to the international stages of the world, Dale has graced audiences with powerful messages of love, hope, and inspiration. Dale Stephens was given his first guitar at age 4, and he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t involved in music. “I was in a hard-rock band when I was younger. I’ve always loved classic rock music. I grew up with a good backbone of rock music and American folk, and I carry all that with me,” he said. “I also love ballads. You follow what your heart wants. I enjoy the dynamics of a jamming rock song to a slow acoustic song. Each song has its own unique fingerprint.” Dale has worked with & graced the stage with many diverse artists ranging from members of Foreigner to the legendary Luther Vandross. He would strive to learn from the best which now shows in his craft…composing. His guitar is his medium to perform his passionate songwriting. Dale Stephens is truly a 6-string master who plays straight from his heart and soul leaving nothing behind. -Cicely Van Horn (Times Square Magazine)